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Phoebe Promotes Witchery Activewear

[ Written on August 15 2015 by Sarah ]

914371-d14e9820-423a-11e5-895e-ea44465fec65PHOEBE Tonkin is very healthy for a near-extinct, shapeshifting supernatural werewolf.
Of course, she’s only that on telly (she stars in HBO’s The Vampire Diaries the CW’s The Originals). In real life, Tonkin, 26, is decidedly un-undead.

A green-living, rosy-cheeked, ballet-bodied hiking fan, she co-founded the Your Zen Life blog with her actor mate Teresa Palmer.

Actually, Tonkin has just resigned from official duties there due to time constraints – Vampire The Originals films in Atlanta, and she regularly works 16-hour days.

“When we started the site almost five years ago, there weren’t lots of other health blogs,” she says. “It wasn’t so much of a business back then, as a hobby. Now we realise what an incredible thing we created and I want to allow it to flourish.”

She and Palmer still talk all the time – “I’m a sidelines supporter” – and Tonkin remains invested in the issues that drive the site. “For me, wellness doesn’t necessarily just mean food, exercise and body image,” she says. “It’s also looking after yourself spiritually, making time for family and friends, finding balance in your life. It’s being able to work hard and reach for goals, while making time to take care of yourself – mentally and physically.”

Such thinking appeals to Witchery, which has tapped Tonkin as the first of its ‘women in motion’ promoting its new Balance range of activewear.

Tonkin was the perfect choice, says Witchery’s managing director, Linda Levy, “because she is able to maintain a healthy lifestyle, while staying grounded and happy amid the often hectic and demanding world of film and TV”. The range is designed to take you from the cafe to the gym and even dinner.

Big on black and grey, with cobalt highlights, it includes leggings and crop tops in high-performance fabrics, with flat-lock seams for streamlining (and running without friction).

There are sporty tees and perforated shorts (extra airflow!) for working out, and de-constructed trenches and draped pants for going out.

“My own aesthetic is very much in line with Witchery Balance; I prefer functional and practical clothing,” says Tonkin.

“Sometimes I work all day then jump straight on a flight; I like clothes that take me places. I can wear these pieces walking with my dog Lola, and then stop somewhere on the way home and get a margarita!”

Source *corrections made by me

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