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ETonline: We’re so upset to see Jackson go! What was your reaction when you read that script?

PT: It was really sad! I love Nathan Parsons so much and I love the relationship with Hayley and Jackson. It was just so sweet and very human. They gave him an epic death, which is all you could want if you’re going to die on a show like this. An epic, epic, dark, bloody death, so I’m glad he got that, but yeah it’s sad. It’s sad when any kind of character leaves on these shows. We spend so much time together so it’s like we’re losing a buddy.

What are you going to miss most about shooting with Nathan Parsons?

PT: He’s so Texan! As an Australian, he’s just so American to me. He’s like ribs and football and whisky and country music, and I’m just like, ‘Tell me more!’ Because it’s so sweet in his drawl. He actually made me dinner once, [and it was] like a serious meat thing. I don’t even know what it was, but it was a Texan meal if there ever was one: whisky and meat. So I’ll miss that — my sweet Texan boy.

What does this death mean for the werewolves moving forward and the magical blessing that Hayley and Jackson’s union gave to the whole pack?

PT: We haven’t yet explored that yet. What’s nice is we’re going to slow down a little bit, so we’re not jumping forward right now. Everything is pretty slow building, which is what you’ll see over the next few episodes. But obviously it’s going to cause a lot of problems because that wedding wasn’t just a wedding of love it was a wedding of unity with these pack members, so we’re going to explore that.

How is Hayley’s emotional state going to be moving because it seems like one blow after the next for this girl?

PT: I know! I’m hoping they turn off her humanity or something because it’s a lot to come back from. This is someone who never thought she would have a normal, happy life and, suddenly, she fell into this relationship with this very normal, sweet guy who loved her since she was a kid. There was this kind of fairytale story between the two of them, so it’s pretty devastating. I also think it will create a bit of a weird relationship with some of the other characters.

With Jackson’s death, this opens to door for Hayley and Elijah to possibly rekindle their once upon a time flame. Is that a something fans could look forward to?

PT: I don’t know yet. I think the bed is still warm! [Laughs]

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