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‘The Originals’ Stars on What’s Ahead for #Klayley

[ Written on November 12 2015 by Sarah ]

We visited the set of The Originals in Conyers, GA on Monday and while there had the chance to chat with stars Joseph Morgan and Phoebe Tonkin about what’s ahead for the much-talked about ‘ship (that hasn’t quite sailed yet), Klayley.

While we aren’t sure about a love connection just yet, fans can at least look forward to seeing the two in the same room more often. “Yeah I just did a scene with her now, so yeah,” Morgan laughed when asked by reporters whether or not the two will have more scenes together in the future. “There’s definitely more interaction with Hayley. Not all negative. She sometimes has a way of cutting through all of Klaus’ bullshit and telling him how it is and she does do that in an upcoming episode.”

Klaus and Hayley arguably have one of the most complicated relationships in the series, but it seems that for Hope’s sake the two will come to some sort of understanding about raising their daughter.

“I think they’ve sort of come to an agreement,” Phoebe said. “I think that Klaus realizes that what he did was really bad. I think they’ve created this, kind of, contract so that [Hope’s] split between the two of them. So she spends a lot of time with Freya and Klaus, and then the other half of the time with Hayley and Jackson.”

Since Hayley and Jackson live right next door now, it means Klaus is close to his daughter at all times, but it also means that he has a front row view of the family he’ll never have, as we saw last in last week’s episode.

“I think he feels jealous of the idea that Hope can be happy without him and frightened of that, that she won’t need him,” said Morgan of Klaus’ thoughts on Hayley’s happy family. “The idea of them having the perfect little family living just across the street is pretty terrifying for him because there’s no room in that for him and [Hope’s] the most important thing in the world to him and she really is the sort of personification of this pure love that he feels and has allowed himself to feel for her.”

Don’t get too happy Klayley shippers. This isn’t your normal, run-of-the-mill jealous ex situation. “I wouldn’t say he’s jealous,” Morgan continued. “I think it’s more than that. I think he’s legitimately frightened that the more this progresses and the more that Hope grows, that she’ll realize ‘My dad’s a pretty terrible guy and I’ve got a good thing going on here’. There’s definitely a lot of insecurities there, which he’ll probably act out on.”

“To see Hayley in the really kind of normal family environment, with her husband and with her baby and their apartment. I think that probably hurt Klaus,” Tonkin said of Klaus’ views on Hayley’s new normal. “Not because he wanted to be there with Hayley, but because he know’s he’ll probably never have that kind of lifestyle with anyone. This was his one shot to have a kid and he’s created a terrible relationship with the kid’s mother and it’s kind of irreparable. I think he resents the fact that Hayley has some tiny smidge of a normal life and he’ll never have that.”


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