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KLAUS & HAYLEY | If you’re expecting a reconciliation between Hope’s parents in the first half of Season 3, you might want to curb your enthusiasm just a bit. Simply put, Tonkin says that Hayley is still “furious” with Klaus for “this awful thing he’s done to the mother of his child. … She’s missing all these huge milestones in her daughter’s life, and she’s not going to be able to forgive him for that.” The show’s six-month time jump will “show the seriousness of the curse and what Klaus did to her.” Tonkin says it’s “important” for people to understand just how messed up that decision really was, which will greatly inform their first Season 3 confrontation.

HAYLEY & CAMI | Though Tonkin says she loves Hayley and Cami’s scenes together, acknowledging that “the human connection between all of the characters is what makes this supernatural show so relatable,” you probably shouldn’t expect to see too many of them while the curse remains active. As for helping that process to move along more quickly, Pipes admits there’s “not much Cami can do except to shake her finger angrily at Klaus, which has not been so successful in seasons past.”



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